CourseRank is the free planning tool that gives students unprecedented access to information about their classes, their professors and, most importantly, their options while at Stetson. It aims at streamlining the process of choosing the right courses for each student, thus making it easier for all students to take advantage of the diverse opportunities Stetson offers.

CourseRank's features set it apart from traditional advice forums. Students can anonymously rank courses they've taken, add comments, and rank the accuracy of each others' comments. They can also shop for classes, get personalized recommendations, and organize their classes into a semester schedule or devise a four year plan.

CourseRank also functions as a feedback tool for faculty and administrators. This system allows the administration to quickly gather feedback about every course offered and rapidly address the needs of their student body. Faculty can also modify or add comments to the course description page and see how their class compares to other classes.

What began as a research project at Stanford has quickly transformed into an invaluable student resource. The resulting application addresses the need for resources to guide course selection. Substantial interest from Stetson's academic community has prompted the CourseRank team to expand this service to Stetson's student population.

Need to contact the CourseRank team? Email us at feedback+stetson@courserank.com
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