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What is CourseRank?
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Site Mechanics
What if a class I took doesn't show up in the suggestions?
How can I change my name on the planner?
How can I change my class year?
How can I change my major?
How can I change my password?
Course Ratings / Reviews / Questions / Answers
How can I rate more courses or see the courses I've rated?
How can I change the rating details I gave a course?
How can I edit a review's text or rating details?
How can I report an inappropriate review, question, or answer?
Why are some reviews in different colors?
Schedule / Planner
Why doesn't the schedule show all of my courses?
How can I add courses to my planner?
How can I print out my schedule?
How can I share my schedule?
Compatibility Issues
Which web browsers are supported?
Why can't I see the activation page / grades distribution chart / course details / schedule / planner?
How can I find out what version of Flash Player I have?
Privacy / Facebook Connect
Will other people be able to see my ratings or grades?
How can I hide what classes I'm planning to take via the Students tab?
How can I hide my achievements or achievement score?
How can I connect my CourseRank account to Facebook?
How can I unlink my CourseRank account from my Facebook account?
What if I accidentally connected to the wrong Facebook account?
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